Preventative tree trimming serves two important purposes, depending on the scope of work. Substantial trimming can help to prevent storm damage, while strategic tree trimming helps your landscape to thrive by concentrating resources and nutrients. In both cases, this process makes sense. Think about how it could help your property this year.


Steps of Tree Trimming

Preventative tree trimming involves several steps, from minimal cutting and thinning to full scale branch removal. On the lean side of the scale, trimming is more like pruning. Tree crowns are thinned out to allow for greater flow of air and sunshine. This prevents many different diseases from taking hold of your trees. Minimal tree trimming services also aid in the allocation of nutrients.
Your property may demand a more extensive tree trimming, or your tree specialist might recommend a much more extreme tree cutting service. This moves beyond the initial crown thinning, and helps to remove brittle branches with a higher risk of breaking in strong winds. Older trees and those with lower moisture content often demand this type of service.

Why Not DIY?

Tree cutting is an gift, combining an intimate knowledge of the trees with an honest assessment of the property and climate. You could start cutting away at the branches, but without the proper training, how do you know where and how much to cut?

Trimming taller trees requires specialized equipment, such as aerial equipment. In some cases, an arborist must climb the tree to get close enough for a proper assessment and precision cutting. Your tree service firm knows exactly how to handle each tree and shape the branches to your needs. Whether you’re looking for more sunshine or trying to avoid roof damage in the next storm, a local specialist can help with preventative tree trimming.

Hiring a professional company for preventative tree trimming does make sense, both for the long term health of your trees and the safety of your yard during a storm. Contact McGuiness to arrange for an appointment today, and have our specialized staff take a look at your property.