Stump Grinding

There are two options a homeowner has when dealing with tree stumps.  The first is to have a landscaper or excavation company “pull” the stumps out of the ground.  This is a somewhat involved proposition which requires large equipment and is usually expensive.  Remember, if a stump and its entire root system are pulled out of the ground, material has to be trucked in to fill the “crater” left behind.  The other option is to have the stumps “ground”.  The goal of grinding a stump is not to remove the entire stump from the ground, but is to get rid of the visible portion of the stump.  This option is simpler and very affordable. 

At McGuinness Tree Service, we have a portable, self propelled stump grinder.  This machine typically creates very little lawn damage and can be maneuvered through a standard 36″ fence opening.  There is no need to let other companies drive their bulky, tow behind stump grinders and pickup trucks on your lawn.

Stumps can be an unsightly blemish on an otherwise stately landscape. Let us help you restore your property to its full glory.


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