When is the Best Time to Schedule Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming?
Tree pruning and tree trimming extend the life of your trees and enhance the beauty of your landscaping. Properly trimmed trees also have more resistance to disease and pests, but your tree services expert knows that timing plays a vital role. When is the best time to schedule your seasonal pruning?

Removing Damaged or Diseased Limbs

For the most part, the removal of diseased or damaged tree branches can be scheduled at any time of the year. Late winter and early spring present the ideal time to prune out problems, allowing your trees to begin the growing season on a healthy note. Trees pruned in spring also experience rapid closure of the wounds, cutting down on the spread of disease. Be aware that birch and maple trees may show signs of bleeding when trimmed in the early months of spring. Although this could appear distressing, your trees will soon heal and grow well for the balance of the season. Ask your tree services expert about the spread of any disease found on your trees. Certain types of tree problems may spread when tree trimming occurs in peak times of transmission. This problem is specific to the tree and the disease present. Utilize the expertise and knowledge of an arborist to avoid further issues.

Reshaping Trees

Arborists are trained in proper tree trimming methods, including how to reduce the weight of heavy limbs before cutting and how to maintain the proper crown shape. Your local arborist also knows the growth schedule for local tree species and will help determine when the seasonal flush of growth occurs. Avoid heavy pruning after those dates, as your tree requires time to recover energy. Young trees respond well to reshaping. Put a regular pruning plan into place as soon as possible after planting to allow for optimum tree growth and balance within your landscape. Consult your tree services expert about the ideal time to schedule tree pruning and tree trimming, based on your needs and the species and lifecycle of your trees. Professionally pruned trees should remain healthy for years to come.

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