The stump removal process eliminates an old stump from your yard, but it will not remove the roots. This can cause some concern, as homeowners wonder whether or not the tree will grow back in time. Find out what happens to the tree roots after stump removal and how your tree services expert can help to ensure your yard stays in pristine condition.


Understanding the Stump Grinding Process

The stump removal process differs based on your needs. Standard stump grinding involves a portable stump grinder that basically shaves away the unwanted tree base, creating wood chips that can be easily transported away or buried into the ground nearby.

This usual practice generally reaches about six inches below the ground level. Although tree roots extend far beyond that mark, the wood chips effectively dampen growth and block out any sunshine.

Spreading Roots

Larger trees with spreading roots can also be removed. Your tree services company will need to dig out the immediate area, exposing the roots about four to six inches down and clearing away any dirt temporarily. The stump grinder can then be easily moved across the roots, chipping that wood away.

A larger patch of grass needs to be removed in this process, and the added time and labor drives up the cost. But, if you are worried about the spread of saplings or unwanted growth sprouting from leftover roots, this type of stump grinding process extends far beyond the standard type to deliver full coverage removal.

What to Do With Wood Chips

In most cases, the wood chips resulting from stump removal can be mixed into the surrounding soil and covered in sod or grass seed. Larger stumps and ground down spreading roots create greater quantities of wood chips. Ask your tree services contractor about options for using the chips in your yard or removing them to an off site compost station.

Depending on the type of stump removal process required, roots may be simply covered in wood chips and turf or ground away with a portable stump grinder. Compare costs and decide which style of removal is best for your property.