Tree Services FAQs | How Can You Tell When to Remove a Tree?

Tree removal involves several steps and heavy equipment takes care of the bulk of the work. But homeowners need to decide when to remove a tree, and that decision can be made easily and quickly with the help of their tree services expert.


Assessing the Condition of Your Tree

Call a local tree services company or us if you live in New Hampshire to arrange for an assessment of the tree’s condition. Let a professional inspect the physical state of the tree, as well as the soil condition, root structure and branch health. Trust the expert to know what to look for and to present you with an accurate appraisal of the condition.

The tree’s location must be considered alongside the current condition. A decaying tree located near your home or another building may need to come down sooner than a tree growing in an open area. Think about the potential damage, should the tree come down in a storm. It may be wise to pre-empt that occurrence and remove a tree growing near your house.

A Quick Review of Your Situation

Ask the following questions when considering tree removal:

•Is more than half of the tree rotting or diseased?
•Can the tree services company trim away dead or dying branches and reasonably expect the tree to survive?
•How desirable is this particular tree species?
•Does the tree provide shade or another benefit to your property?
•Have you detected large fungus growing on the tree or a growing population of insects or pests living within the tree?
•Has the tree lost any major branches in the last few seasons?
•How is the soil structure around the tree roots?
•Is the tree leaning?

If you’ve answered yes to more than two of these questions tree removal may be a wise plan. Speak to your tree services company about the best course of action.

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