Time takes its toll on your trees, shrubs and plants, but with the help of a tree services company you can keep the landscape looking healthy and attractive for years to come. How can you deal with stumps in your yard? And what types of problems arise when trees and shrubs become too dense? Find out how a tree services professional can help with these common issues.


How to Remove Stumps Safely

You may hear plenty of different stump removal tales, everything from dumping gasoline on the dead wood to allowing the stump to rot naturally. Hiring a tree services company to grind away a dead or dying stump allows for peak efficiency and provides more landscaping opportunities for your property.

Stump grinding takes very little time. Costs range based on the size and location of the stump. Many property owners also appreciate the by-product of stump grinding, which includes mulch ideal for use in your gardens.

How to Deal With Dense Trees and Shrubs

Your landscape suffers when tree branches and shrubs become overly dense. Branches and foliage grow together to form a clump within the crown or center of the plant. This limits airflow and blocks light from reaching the leaves, commonly resulting in:

  • dead branches within the crown core
  • ideal conditions for pest infestations
  • ideal conditions for disease due to lack of airflow

By pruning away excess branches, your tree services company creates better airflow, allowing the plant to thrive and fight off pests and disease. Regular pruning also results in better growth and form, creating a more attractive tree.

Instead of taking stump removal into your own hands or ignoring the results of dense tree branches, contact your local tree services company for help. Their experts provide affordable, efficient services designed to improve the look and lifespan of your landscape.