Top Three Benefits of Planting Native Trees in Your NH Yard

Trees add to the beauty of your property, create shade and attract local wildlife. While nearly any type of tree will grow in your NH yard, native trees provide the same benefits with less maintenance, last longer and may even save you money. Consider these three benefits of planting native trees before finalizing your landscape plan or replacing your existing trees.

# 1 – Natives Thrive Without Fuss

Just like native flowers and shrubs, native trees root well and thrive in the local soil conditions and climate, often without any fuss on your part. Conservative estimates list 70 tree species as native to New Hampshire. These trees are naturally resistant to pests, disease and climate conditions commonly found in New England, unlike other species that require tender care, added fertilizer and regular maintenance in order to establish and grow.

# 2 – Native Trees Tend to Last Longer

Planting trees can be a major investment, depending on the size of your property and the species chosen. You want those trees to last for years providing natural beauty and shade for many seasons to come.

Although it depends on the type of tree, most natives last longer than an imported variety. Native trees have developed resistance to pests and fungi, taking advantage of the local climate conditions to grow strong and vibrant in any weather.

# 3 – Native Trees Help You to Save Money

In some cases native trees cost less than imported varieties. Most local garden centers and landscapers offer native oak, ash, maple, cherry and hawthorns at decent prices, while non-natives like Japanese Maple come with a premium price tag. Mix up affordable native trees with more elaborate imports to create a uniquely beautiful space, but emphasize the natives to save money.

Because they last longer and require fewer applications of fertilizer and water, native trees cost less in the long run as well. You’ll still need to invest in regular trimming and tree care, but natives are often strong enough to withstand local storms and resist bouts of pests or fungus that destroys other tree species. This strength will save you money over the life of the tree.

Planting native trees in your NH yard makes sense. You’ll be able to enjoy healthy trees that require less maintenance, live longer and cost less than non-native species. And these trees add a distinct level of natural beauty to any New Hampshire property.

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