Top Four Tips for Hiring a Large Tree Removal Service

Having large trees on your property adds value in the form of privacy, shade and natural beauty, but storms and time can create situations where large tree removal services are required. Choose contractors wisely in order to maintain value on your property and protect your overall investment. Consider these top four tips for hiring large tree removal companies.

Check Your Insurance First

This step is especially important if tree removal is required due to storm damage or other weather issues. Property insurance may cover the cost of tree removal, but you may need to contact the insurance company before hiring a contractor. Understand your coverage and follow the procedures as outlined in your policy to take advantage of any coverage offered.

Hire an Experienced Contractor

Regardless of whether the cost of tree removal services comes from your own pocket or falls under your insurance coverage, hiring an experienced contractor simply makes sense. Ask for local referrals, check with local business associations and online reviews and always obtain references before hiring a contractor. Experienced companies also have arborists or skilled staff to deal with large tree removals safely and efficiently. Although these professionals may cost more initially, beware that unskilled and inexperienced contractors often cost more in the long run, both financially and aesthetically. Invest in only the best for top results.

Ask About Equipment

New Hampshire large tree removal requires heavy duty equipment in order to be done properly. Larger cranes, trucks and chippers ensure the balance of your property remains unaffected and safe while leaving the tidiest jobsite after removal. Ask the contractor what type of equipment they have and whether or not this equipment has been used to remove trees of a similar size to the tree requiring removal on your property.

Obtain a Written Contract and Official Receipt of Service

As with other home maintenance projects, professional tree removal estimates should be presented in writing before the work is completed. This allows property owners to compare other quotes and understand the scope of work to be completed. Remember to obtain an official receipt of payment as well as a written breakdown of any warranty coverage. Experienced large tree removal companies in New Hampshire will be happy to provide this to their clients.

Follow these four tips when hiring a tree removal service and your project should move smoothly from start to finish

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