Three Vital Steps to Prepare for Tree Trimming

Homeowners require the services of a professional tree trimmer in various situations, but these three vital steps will help to smooth out this process in every case. Whether storm damage, disease or overgrowth has triggered the need for tree trimming, preparation makes this a more efficient and affordable job.


Step # 1 – Mark Sensitive Outdoor Features

Although professional tree trimmers do not need to dig in your yard, heayy equipment and traffic can damage sensitive features. Mark out sprinkler systems, septic beds and wells, as applicable. These indicators allow the trimmers to set up and operate in the optimum location.

Step # 2 – Clear the Area

Move any vehicles, outdoor furniture and playground equipment away from the immediate area before the tree trimmers arrive. If you have planted gardens around the tree, consider transplanting sensitive flowers or shrubs or protecting them as best you can with burlap. Although tree trimmers are careful, falling branches and debris can certainly damage plants directly below the canopy.

Be sure to keep children and pets out of the area while the trimmers are set up. Some homeowners use temporary fences or leashes to keep dogs away from the equipment, while others simply keep their pets inside for the duration, depending on the scope of work and type of dog.

Step # 3 – Ask About Wood Chips

Recycled wood chips can be used for garden mulch or burned in your outdoor fire pit. Take advantage of this byproduct and talk to the tree trimming contractor about collecting the wood chips in a specified corner of your yard.

The contractor may need to remove larger branches and brush in some cases, but the small bits can still be left behind for your use. Clarify your preferences ahead of time to avoid confusion and mix ups on the job.

Prepare for tree trimming by marking out the details of your yard, clearing the area of potential obstacles and asking about wood chips. Your tree trimming specialist will appreciate your efforts and proceed smoothly and efficiently.

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