Trees of all different shapes and sizes play an important role in creating curb appeal. Location, species and seasonal changes help your trees form distinctive personalities, coming together with hardscaping and gardens to create an inviting first impression of your home.

Choosing the Ideal Trees

Plant trees that grow well in your climate. Find out which species are disease-resistant and grow at a steady rate to make sure your yard looks great from day one.

Evergreen trees present consistent color and reliable structure, and come in a wide range of colors. Spruce, fir and pine are common types of coniferous landscape trees, while cedars also keep their green needles all year long. Invest in spiral evergreens or dwarf varieties for a unique look, and pair these dependable trees with bright perennials and ornamental grasses to provide season-long interest.

Many deciduous trees are ideal for the front yard. Plant beautiful fruit trees for spring blossoms, or choose a maple tree with blazing fall color. Smaller hybrid trees, like lilacs, provide color and scent along your entrance path, while large oaks develop impressive trunks over time.

Maintaining the Beauty

Planting perfect trees is only the first step to great curb appeal. You need to keep those trees in peak condition with regular maintenance, including fertilizing and pruning. Always trim your trees at the proper time, depending on the species, in order to optimize growth and appearance.

Professional tree service companies have the proper equipment to take care of your larger trees, and can also remove any unsightly stumps to create more space in your front yard. Keep a regular schedule for pruning and fertilizing and your trees will grow steadily into glorious, green features in the yard.

Attractive, healthy trees are essential to curb appeal. Start by planting the right trees and including a few unique species. Maintain your beautiful yard with the help of professional tree services and your curb appeal will look fantastic for years.