Storm damage and age can transform even the healthiest tree into a safety hazard, but large tree removal presents several risks of its own. Arborists and tree services experts handle these situations on a regular basis ensuring that your property is left in top condition and all branches, debris and stumps are safely removed. How can you make sure that your large tree removal project goes off without a hitch?

Understand the Options

Tree removal requires several skills. Your tree services company should visit the site to assess tree condition, property layout and access. Depending on the size and condition of the tree in question, the removal contractor may need to bring in a crane for safe removal. Cranes remain on the road or driveway and significantly reduce the risk of turf and garden damage.

Tree climbers handle broken branches and thin out large trees to allow for safe removal. Using proper safety equipment and commercial grade equipment, these arborists and trained landscape professionals dismantle the damaged and/or diseased tree creating manageable pieces that are then lowered to the ground. Once safely there, limbs, branches and wood chunks are loaded onto trailers for disposal or fed to a chipper on site depending on property conditions and equipment available.

Speak to your tree services company about the number of climbers on each crew and the space required to allow for on-site chipping. Smaller properties and those with limited accessibility do not allow room for wood chippers, in which case the wood debris must be carried out to the trailer. Foot traffic tends to create less damage than equipment traffic, but talk to your contractor about the most efficient method.

Contact the Pros

DIY large tree removal often results in unnecessary damage to the surrounding property, as well as presenting serious safety hazards. Trained professionals know how to bring in the equipment and minimize damage to the landscape. They can also assess property conditions based on weather patterns and avoid scheduling your tree removal on certain days.

Be prepared to pay for professional service and expect a professional job. Safe removal with minimal property damage is worth the cost of large tree removal in every case.