How To Clean Up Fallen Trees That Came Down This Winter

We’re still in the midst of a windy, cold winter, here in New Hampshire and many fallen trees have come down over the past few months. If nothing was damaged in the fall, and the trunk and branches are not causing a problem on your property, you may just be waiting for spring to hit before clearing the mess. Good idea, but you need to approach the situation with a well laid out plan in place.

Be Careful Around the Area

Ice and snow combined with brittle branches can make the area around your fallen trees quite dangerous. Be very careful when navigating through the area, and make sure children and pets stay away whenever possible to avoid injury.

Fallen trees become very brittle during freezing temperatures and chilly wind. They will not hold up excess weight, and even a thick covering of snow could result in additional breakage and collapse.

Planning for the Clean Up Process

Once your yard has dried out enough to handle having equipment and work boots traveling across, it’s time to have the fallen trees cleared away.

Tree removal services will safely and efficiently cut through the tree branches, hauling it away for disposal. Chippers are used where possible, and some contractors will leave the mulch for your spring gardens.

Stump grinding can also be done to completely remove the tree from your property. Removing the stump allows a landscaping solution to be implemented, whether you prefer to replant, lay sod or create a garden.

Has this winter resulted in broken trees throughout your property? Be careful of brittle branches and slippery conditions around fallen trees, and be sure to hire a professional for fast and easy tree removal and stump grinding services. For a very reasonable cost, all of your fallen trees can be looked after come springtime.

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