Winter may be beautiful, but snow damage to trees and shrubs creates an ugly mess in your yard. You can take steps to avoid snow and ice damage in normal winter weather, and trust your tree services company to help when storms hit. Plant wisely and care for your landscape to minimize damage, and recognize when to call in the pros for help for removal of those damaged trees.

Tips on Planting Wisely to Avoid Snow Damage

Certain types of trees are more susceptible to snow damage. Fast-growing species tend to grow in a V-pattern that does not hold up well under the weight of snow and ice. Trees with brittle branches, such as silver maple, willow, elm and poplar, break in heavy storm winds and snap when strained with snow cover. Some evergreens exhibit these problems as well, such as the southern yellow pine. Think carefully when forming your landscaping plan, and consult with a tree services expert for recommendations on strong species.

Tips on Tree Care to Avoid Snow Damage

Prepare your trees and shrubs for snow and ice in the late fall. Wrap smaller trees to support the crotch, using strong fabric that will not cut into sensitive bark. Remember to unwrap in the spring. Hire a tree services company to prune larger trees before the snow starts to fly. It’s best to start this while your trees are young and continue the process each winter. In any case, start pruning as soon as possible to avoid snow and ice damage to trees. An arborist or tree services professional can also help by bracing or cabling trees, allowing the branches to support excess weight and wind strain. Do not attempt this task yourself, as working at those heights can be dangerous. Homeowners can save their trees and avoid snow damage by planting wisely and caring for the landscape with the help of an experienced tree services company. Enjoy the beauty of winter and avoid the mess of ice and snow damage this season.