How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost?

There are many reasons why homeowners and businesses need to get rid of an unsightly stump. It could detract from the beauty of your property or present a safety risk. Rotting stumps attract unwanted fungi and pests, creating a risk to the balance of your landscape. But when it comes time to tackle this problem the first question people ask is–how much does stump grinding cost? And the answer depends on a wide range of factors.


Size of the Stump

Stump grinding packages start from $75, depending on the size of your stump. A large hardwood stump, such as a fully mature oak, takes longer than an average sized softwood like pine or spruce. The cost increases based on the time required, as well as the amount of wear and tear on the grinding equipment.

How high does the stump stick out from the ground? Your tree services company will take the stump height into account, as well as the diameter. It’s a good idea to have these two measurements handy when calling for a quote. Many stump grinding contractors will need to visit the site for a fair quote, although they may work from photos of the site.

Condition of the Stump

As mentioned above, hardwood stumps taken longer to grind than softwood stumps. The age of the stump also alters the difficulty level; older stumps tend to soften over time, making them quicker to remove.

Most newly cut trees are still green and require a good chunk of grinding to break down completely. If you can, wait a season or two after cutting to have the stump removed. You may save money, although you will need to live with the obstacle for a time. Weigh your options and talk to your contractor about the best course of action.

Do you have a stump taking up room in the yard? The cost of stump grinding depends on many factors, such as size, species and condition. Call us for a quote on your project and take care of the problem soon.

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