Snow plays an important role in your yard, insulating tree roots and providing a certain amount of moisture during the spring thaw. Rainfall tends to be heavier during the spring as well, resulting in excess moisture throughout your yard. How does this condition affect your trees and how can you protect them from potential issues?

Too Much Wetness in Spring

After a period of dormancy in winter, trees begin to grow again in the spring. Trees also react strongly to heavy winds and excess rain during this period of growth. A thick layer of snow melting into the grass and steady spring rains can actually harm tree roots and cause fungal disease to take hold.

When moisture remains in the soil and takes the place of much needed oxygen, your tree may suffer. Stress can stunt growth and leave your trees susceptible to other environmental problems.

Signs To Watch For

Watch the leaves in early to mid-spring for signs of a problem caused by too much water. When leaves growing on the lower are turning yellow check the soil for soggy areas. If you spy algae or mildew growth on the soil around your tree roots, you may need to call in an expert for some advice on drainage.

When new leaves turn brown soon after showing, or the tree looks wilted, it may be in serious danger due to soaking roots or fungal disease. Your nose can also help alert you to potential problems – a rotting smell spells trouble.

Losing trees due to excess moisture from spring thaw and seasonal rainfall is rare, but it does happen. Have your tree trimming company monitor the health of your trees during spring pruning, and be sure to treat the trees well during the summer and fall to prepare well for next spring. With some extra TLC and consistent monitoring you can be sure your trees thrive, even during a wet spring.

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