Fruit Trees in New England

Pear trees and apple trees are the most common planted fruit trees in New England.  Anyone can grow fruit trees in their yard and enjoy their yummy produce.  Liberty and Honeycrisp apple trees are the most disease resistant trees.  Keep in mind, most apple trees will reach 20 to 40 feet tall.  Well maintained apple trees will bear fruit for generations.


Sour cherries, which are great for cooking, are easily grown in New England.  Cherries are also self-pollinating.  It is best to plant cherry trees in open, sunny areas.  These trees will grow to 30 or 40 feet tall, but can also be purchased in a mini size for easier planting and care.

It is best to plant fruit trees in full sun and in good drainage areas.  If you are looking for something smaller and more manageable, mini fruit trees can be grown in a large pot and moved to a sheltered area for the winter months.

Get planting and enjoy your fresh fruit!

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