Although home insurance policies differ in coverage, many New Hampshire residents wonder whether or not hazardous tree removal is covered. Winter storms, heavy rains and hurricane-force winds can easily knock down trees on your property, resulting in damage to buildings and structures and increasing the risk of injury. Does your New Hampshire insurance policy cover tree removal, and if so, in what capacity and under what circumstances?


Common Insurance Coverage

Most homeowner or property policies sold in the United States provide broad coverage for storm damage. Generally, removal of debris caused by nasty weather or storms is covered for up to $500. Fallen tree branches and broken or damaged trees are included in this clause.

But that coverage could be denied in certain circumstances. If your tree was decayed or damaged prior to the storm and your insurance company has reason to suspect that you were negligent by not having the tree removed, the claim becomes more complicated. Keep on top of landscape maintenance before the storms hit to ensure that your full coverage is in place.

What If a Tree Hits My Car? Or My Neighbor’s House?

Comprehensive automobile insurance covers damage on your vehicle, including the damage incurred by falling trees or branches. The tree or stump removal process would still be claimed under your home insurance, but a separate claim for the vehicle damage would be required.

Storms do not respect personal property, and your trees could end up in pieces on the neighbor’s lawn. If a storm knocks over your tree onto the neighbor’s and damages their property in some way, the claim goes through on their policy. A similar situation would occur if the nieghbor’s car was damaged by fallen branches from your tree—a claim is issued on their automobile policy to cover the damage.

Contact your hazardous tree removal specialist when a storm hits. They can guide you through the process of dealing with your New Hampshire insurance company and get the debris cleaned up quickly. Deal with storm damage the smart way and get your property back to normal with minimal expense.