A beautiful yard requires a substantial investment of time and money. Many homeowners wonder if the tree removal process could damage your landscape, destroying grass and gardens that have been lovingly tended for years. The answer depends on how those homeowners proceed with the project, including when they schedule the removal and who they hire for tree removal services.


Scheduling Considerations

Wet ground is vulnerable to damage, especially when exposed to heavy equipment and excessive foot traffic. Although the ground tends to be softer and looser at these times, making root removal or stump grinding easier, spring and fall present the highest risk of lawn and landscape damage. Rain soaked and replenished after a cold winter or scorching summer, your grass is sensitive at these times and the process of tree removal could leave your lawn looking worse for the wear.
Many experts recommend mid-winter for tree removal. An open schedule allows for prompt service and having a tree removed in winter leaves you with a clean slate for springtime. But the most important benefit that cold months deliver is hard ground. Freezing temperatures drive your grass into the dormant state and frost leaves the ground sturdy. Cutters, chippers, cranes and lifts used in the process make less damage due to the stability of winter lawns and gardens.

Knowing Who to Hire

Look for a tree services company that is equipped to service your property, including a wide range of equipment to service all types of homes. A large crane can actually be parked on a nearby road, with the swinging boom able to rip a tree from your landscape without driving or parking heavy equipment across or on the grass. This process is fast, unobtrusive and well worth the cost.
Experienced contractors know how to do the job right. They can gauge whether or not your landscape is susceptible to problems and will take the time to minimize damage. Trust in their guidance and follow their recommendations to be sure your property is left neat and tidy after the tree removal process.