DIY Stump Grinding Versus Hiring Your Tree Services Expert

You’ve decided to rid your landscape of that unsightly stump, but how? Some property owners turn to DIY stump removal, while many others trust the expertise of a tree services expert. Which method makes sense for you and how do they compare in terms of cost, effectiveness and safety?

Comparing the Cost of DIY Stump Grinding vs Professional Stump Grinding

As in most DIY projects, it costs less to tackle this project on your own. But it may be wise to actually have a tree services expert visit your property to quote the job. Stump removal costs generally come in much lower than consumers expect.

Comparing the Effectiveness

You can choose from a few methods of DIY stump removal, including the application of nitrogen or other chemicals that eat away at the stump. Some people opt to rent stump grinders from the local DIY big box store, but they often find this work more intensive than expected.

The idea of applying a product to the stump and walking away appeals to many, but how effective is this method? With patience and the proper recipe (based on the size of your stump and strength of the product) you can expect the stump to disappear over time.

Hire a tree services expert for stump removal and you’re left with a clear landscape in a few hours. Although many DIY efforts make sense, the heavy work involved in renting your own stump grinders and the time involved in applying stump removal products do not outweigh the convenience and value of hiring a pro.

Comparing the Safety Aspects

Tree services professionals are well trained to use the necessary equipment, including stump grinders, chainsaws and chippers. DIY enthusiasts risk serious injury when using this type of equipment without the proper training or experience. Always wear safety equipment with attempting a stump removal project.

Stump removal products also present risk, as the decaying stump becomes a hazard over time. Block off the area to keep your children and pets safe, or avoid this safety risk and hire a tree services expert to take care of your stump removal right away.

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