Celebrating Arbor Day

Celebrating the New Hampshire Environment on Arbor Day

At McGuinness Tree Service, we believe in giving back to the New Hampshire communities that our business serves. Each year, we take pride in celebrating Arbor Day, a national holiday that honors the planting of trees. Arbor Day takes place just as Spring has sprung, on the last Friday in April. With our fellow residents of New Hampshire, we do our part to help beautify New England and celebrate our industry’s national holiday.

Arbor Day 2012: Benson’s Park

I am pleased to announce our second annual Arbor Day project at historic Benson Park, located in Hudson, NH. For the past 2 years, on Arbor Day, we have donated our time and equipment to removing trees the park deems hazardous. People may ask, but why would you take down trees on Arbor Day, a day celebrating the planting of new trees? Unfortunately, because of the neglect the property received for 20 years, many of the older trees were choked with vines and are now in various states of decline. This is an eyesore as well as poses a safety hazard to visitors of the park. We feel that our ability to send a team in with our 90 ton crane and remove the dying trees, is the best way for us to make a difference. The gracious volunteers at Bensons have, and will continue to plant new trees throughout the year. Our work will make room for the healthier, younger trees to thrive. We all remember the glory days of Benson’s. It is a piece of history we would like to help preserve. The volunteers have created quite a magnificent natural park. McGuinness Tree Service is inviting the media to experience this place, take pictures, and ask questions. We will be arriving at 8 a.m. and donating our time and services through early afternoon. Please come join us for coffee and donuts at 9:30 a.m. where you can meet with Jim McGuinness, Sales Manager, Michael LaClair, Marketing Manager, and the “Crew” . We look forward to seeing you at our event!!!!! Conveniently located at 23 Kimball Hill Road, Hudson, NH 03051

The first Arbor Day was observed on April 10, 1872 in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Over one million trees were planted that day, and since then, Arbor Day has become a phenomenon celebrated in countries all over the world. The beautiful forests of New Hampshire are rich with pine, oak, ash, maple, birch, and other varieties of trees, making New Hampshire the perfect place to be on Arbor Day.

Arbor Day 2011: Benson’s Park

Benson’s Animal Farm was a popular zoo in Hudson, NH throughout most of the 20th century. In 1987, the park closed, and sat abandoned for almost 20 years. In 2002, the town of Hudson, New Hampshire bought the land with high hopes of turning it into a public park for NH citizens to enjoy.

On April 29, 2011, volunteers from McGuiness Tree Service were proud to clear Benson’s Park of many hazardous trees, and grind their stumps. This kind of hazardous tree removal is an everyday part of the job at McGuinness Tree Service, but Benson’s Park was a special opportunity to put our crew and crane to use for a good cause. Our volunteers, Shawn McGuinness, James McGuinness, James Sanborn, Ben Richardi, and Pat Barrigan were able to reclaim the overgrown land so that a park and nature sanctuary could be created. Many members of the team at McGuinness Tree Service have fond memories of the park from their childhoods growing up in New Hampshire. We look forward to watching New Hampshire families enjoy Benson’s Park for years to come.

Arbor Day is an important holiday for New Hampshire, and the whole world. Please join McGuiness Tree Service each April in celebrating.

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