Three Benefits of Trees
There are several benefits to having trees on your property.  One major benefit is that trees are an important part of fighting climate change.  The leaves absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen creating clean air.  Trees also clean the air when the leaves and bark trap harmful gases and floating particles.  Healthy trees are a natural air purifier especially good at trapping pollen, smoke, and dust.

Trees are a natural habitat providing safe shelter for little critters such as birds, tree frogs, and squirrels.  These natural habitats also pull double duty as damage control for the ground.  A well placed tree will slow runoff during a summer storm slowing down soil erosion.

Healthy trees add value to a home by creating a welcoming curb appeal.  The green of the foliage is a calming color that inspires relaxation.  Those lush green trees also provide shade which helps cut back on cooling costs for the home.

It is amazing that trees can fight climate change, provide safe shelter, and add tranquility to everyday life.