Maple Trees

The maple tree is the standard New England tree.  They are the trees first to change color in the fall from yellows, to bright oranges, then dark reds.  These tall maple trees have massive trunks and are often seen in yards and on tree lined streets.  Maple trees provide New Englanders with plenty of shade and syrup.


Birch Trees

New England is home to the Yellow Birch, River Birch, and Cherry Birch trees.  These trees grow 40-80 feet tall and are found in highly wooded areas.  The birch trees are good in both sun and shade.  In the fall the leaves of a birch tree take on a yellow/golden color.

Sycamore Trees

The American Sycamore is a straight, wide tree, that grows 90 feet tall or more.  These trees have a vase-like shape to their trunk and provide a lot of shade to many New England streets.  The leaves of a Sycamore tree will turn color later in the fall.