Fall is the perfect time to gear up for those winter storms.  It is highly recommended that tree trimming, cabling, and hazardous tree removal be taken care of before winter.


  • All trees should be inspected for broken/weak branches and disease.
  • Tree pruning and trimming will remove excess weight and dead branches helping the tree maintain its strength.
  • Now is the time to get rid of destructive pests who are potentially weakening the trees.
  • All fertilizers should be spread before the ground freezes.
  • Weak limbs or split tree trunks should be braced and cabled before taking on the extra weight of snow during the winter.
  • Fall is the time to remove hazardous trees to help minimize property damage during future storms.

Taking these precautions in early fall will cut back on property damage, save money, make future storms less stressful on the trees, and give you peace of mind.