Are you planning on expanding your gardens or landscaping the back yard this year? Is a deck in your future, or how about a swimming pool, patio or pond? Old tree stumps are not just unsightly; they often stand in the way of your plans for the yard. Stump removal provides you with greater space to plant or install an outdoor feature, and professional services result in valuable natural mulch.

What Type of Stumps Should Be Removed?

Homeowners often wonder whether they can just landscape around an old stump. While some stumps may look fine in the garden, most present an unappealing situation. Old stumps can become:

  1. • tripping hazards
  2. • a home for pests
  3. • disease-infested
  4. • an obstruction that makes mowing and lawn care difficult

Besides the commonly found deciduous and coniferous tree stumps, hedge stumps, shrub stumps and old roots can be effectively ground down below grade using stump removal equipment. Completely clear away these obstructions and potential hazards this spring, making way for your landscaping plans.

The Resulting Yard Potential

Stump removal services utilize professional-grade equipment to grind down the stumps well below the grass level. Backfill with soil and this area will be easily incorporated back into your lawn or garden.

This process disturbs the surrounding area, but won’t damage the soil beyond recovery. Add nutrients, soil and water, before using the leftover mulch to protect your flowerbeds or trees. You’ll have more room in the yard, as well as a source of attractive mulch that will naturally compost over time. You can also leave the shredded or ground wood within the hole, and simply top up with soil.

Your property will be tidier and neater without that unsightly stump. Enjoy greater flexibility in your landscape plans and less chance of pest or disease infestation with stump removal services. Your spring lawn and garden will look better with the help of a professional stump removal.